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MidSummers Session DVD

MidSummers SessionMidSummers Session | Recorded in 1999 | Buy this DVD now

A rare opportunity to catch the fabulous Dervish in their natural setting, the "session".

Performed by the third Dervish line-up, with Tom Morrow on fiddle and Seamus O'Dowd on guitar and fiddle, along with several guests, including renowned Sligo flute player Seamus Tansey. The music, which corresponds more or less to the material recorded for the album by the same title, is terrific, and the filming is as impressive as that on Dervish's "Live at Johnny Fox's" DVD. Very enjoyable indeed. A wild and wonderful event where live music and good company combine in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, on this Video Dervish play the great sets of music from their award winning "Midsummer's Night" Album.

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